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The Project’ s innovative character lies on the fact that it aims to create a new MSc programme in a specialized academic field, tentatively named “Advanced Concepts in Future Industry” that is required by PC-HEI graduate and postgraduate programmes.
Digi-CHE-Asia aims to address this absence and the needs of the region to have an MSc programme that will generate qualified personnel and experts that will work and reinforce the regional industry and have a lasting impact in improving the workforce in all PCs. The Project is structured in such a way as to ensure that the developed curricula will be indeed innovative, tailor-made to specific needs and useful for the region.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the Digi-CHE-Asia project focus on:
  • The enhancement of undergraduate curricula and development of innovative MSc programmes in the field of electronics, automation and robotics, thus helping to build the capacity of the partner countries’(PC) HEIs and improve the level of competences and skills offered
  • The promotion of cooperation and the exchange of know-how and good practices in the subject area between EU-and PC-HEIs.
  • The establishment of viable synergies and links with the regional manufacturing and high-tech industry in order to address their needs in specialized personnel, training needs and enhance the employability of MSc graduates.

Target Groups

Digi-CHE-Asia will reach and impact two main target groups in the following ways:

  • Academic professionals and administrative staff working in the PC HEIs:

  • Conduction of assessment activities
  • Exchange of good practices and know-how with their European counterparts
  • Training through study visits in Europe and Asia
  • Development of new curricula and VET courses
  • Establishment of Digi-CHE-Labs in PC HEIs, supported by the necessary equipment to deliver the programme and conduct research in the areas of interest

  • Students at a local, regional and national level:

  • Participation in the focus groups
  • Meeting with potential employers during info-days
  • Participation in the delivery of the programmes
  • Opportunities for at least one-month long internships in regional high-tech and manufacturing companies
  • Participation in the developed VET courses
In addition, the project will reach representatives of all types of stakeholders throughout the project lifespan with its focused dissemination activities. Stakeholders will include other HEIs with relevant departments/faculties, education professionals and academic staff, students, researchers, experts, associations or networks of HEIs, research institutes and VET providers among other.



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