Work Packages

Work package No. 1: Analysis of Related Curricula (Lead Organisation: UDE)
The goal of this WP is to survey, identify and analyse existing HEI programmes in Europe and Asia in the field of Electronics, Automation and Robotics, as well as similar lifelong-learning/ VET training programmes.
Additionally, the employment requirements of the industry in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam will be assessed, in order to understand the context in which the graduates from the proposed MSc programme would be good candidates for internships.
Foreseen activities:

A1.1 Related Curricula in Asia
A1.2 Related Curricula in Europe
A1.3 Related VET Courses in the Subject Area
A1.4 Employment Analysis in the Related Field
A1.5 Development of Consolidated Analysis

D1.1 Report on Related Curricula in Asia
D1.2 Report on Related Curricula in Europe
D1.3 Report on Related VET Courses in the Subject Area
D1.4 Report on Employment Analysis in the Related Field
D1.5 Consolidated Report
Work package No. 2: Development of Curricula and Digi-CHE-Labs (Lead Organisation: NTUA)
Work package No. 3: Capacity Building and Networking Actions (Lead Organisation: SRU
Work package No. 4: Start of Accreditation Process and Delivery of the Courses (Lead Organisation: UD)
Work package No. 5: Quality Assurance and Monitoring (Lead Organisation: NG)
Work package No. 6: Dissemination and Exploitation (Lead Organisation: HUS)
Work package No. 7: Management & Coordination (Lead Organisation: NTUA)



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